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Computers are something that today's world cannot even imagine. Computer schools, banks, science are being used almost everywhere. Today there are about 5 billion computers in the world. Let us give you some shocking, exciting information about computers.

The #27 Best Computer Facts (with Pictures)

  • 27 Facts About Computer in 2020

The history of computers is almost 2,000 years old today and no one can be credited with making it. The term 'computer' was first used in 1613 for a man capable of calculating mathematics. At first, the computer was in the form of a wooden rack, also called abacus, if it was first called a mechanical computer, created by Charles Babbage in 1222, which is why he was nicknamed "Father of the Computer". Either. If we were talking about a programmable computer first, it was made by Germany from 1936 and 1938 by Conrad Juss, named 'Z1'. Now if we first talk about electronic digital computers, it was created by John Mauchly and Jay Prepper Eckhart between 1943 and 1946, named 'ENIAC'. It was so big that 200 yards of space were needed to keep it.

The world's first computer virus, named 'Elk Cloner', was mocked in 1982 by a 15-year-old American child, Rich Scranton. It is a type of 'boot sector virus' that can only affect Apple II computers. You must have read in many places that the first computer virus was created by two Pakistani brothers. In fact, the virus called 'Brain' was made by two Pakistani brothers living and Amjad Farooq Alvi on ​​January 6, the first virus was created for Windows. Not the world's first computer virus.

When did the computer come to India?

The computer came to India in 122. Dwijish Dutt was established at the Indian Statistical Institute in Kolkata. However, orders were ordered from outside. Siddhartha was the first computer built in India and 'Absolute 8000' was the first supercomputer built in India. This supercomputer was created by Vijay Bhatkar in 9 when the US refused to give the supercomputer to India.

27 Amazing Computer Facts

#1. About 7,000 new computer viruses are created every month.

#2. The first computer mouse was made of wood that Douglas Engelbart created in 1964.

#3. Usually, one person shines 20 times a minute but 7 times in front of a computer.

#4. Apple's 'Macintosh Computer' has 47 signatures in the Orginal case.

#5. Within 20% of the world will start working on their own computers.

#6. The fingers of a typing person walk about 20 kilometers a day.

#7. The longest word by anyone of the keyboard lines is a Type-Writer.

#8. The words that come up after Windows starts are created using Apple Mac.

#9. If a human brain is as powerful as a computer, it will be able to perform about 1 million operations per second and store more than two and a half million GB of memory.

#10. You may be surprised to know that the password for American nuclear-powered computer control for the eight years from 1968 to 1957 was 00000000. 2

#11. Bill Gates' home map was created from Apple's Macintosh computer.

#12. The world's first hard disk, which was created in 1979, can only store 5 MB of data. Nowadays more than one MB has been photographed.

#13. The weight of the 1 GB first hard disk is equal to a crocodile and costs $ 40000. It was created in 1980.

#14. Hitachi was 1 TB is 1000 GB first hard disk making company. Who made it in 2007.

#15. The first microprocessor was built in 1971 by an Intel company. Known as the Intel 4004, this processor was designed for a calculator that had a maximum clock rate of just 740 kHz. On the other hand, 8.805 GHz clock rate processors have come on the market today.

#16. Sanskrit is considered as the best language for computer software.

#17. There is one thing in common between HP, Microsoft, and Apple that all three started in the garage.

#18. The origin of the word computer is the English word 'compute' which means 'to count'.

#19. You might be surprised to know that the first computer bug is a dead insect.

#20. The world's first computer program was written by a woman called Adsense Lovelace.

#21. Solitaire was first introduced to a computer in 1990.

#22. Until now, there is not a computer that can automatically resolve captcha.

#23. Until the 1950 s, computers were called "electronic brain".

#24. 9 out of every 10 supercomputer runs on Linux instead of Windows. Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter are all running on Linux.

#25. December 30 is celebrated as 'Computer Security Day' every year.

#26. Every year December 2 is observed as Computer Literacy Day.

#27. 86 % of people try to reverse USB.

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