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Instagram is among the most used social media sites. If you’re reading this, you likely have an account yourself! (We do, you can follow us for exploring the world! @ReaSieKie)

The #26 Best Instagram Facts (with Pictures)

  • 26 Facts About Instagram in 2020

It’s easy to get sucked in to mindless scrolling when you’re on Instagram, especially if you follow a lot of accounts that post photos and videos of adorable animals.

26 Amazing Instagram Facts

#1. On 20 August, 2017, more than 1000 contact information for high-profile stars and celebrities was leaked to the Dark Web due to a bug in the Instagram security system.

#2. Overall, 38% of female Internet users use Instagram and 26% of male Internet users use Instagram.

#3. 20% teenagers say that Instagram is the most important social media site.

#4. Pizza is the most Instagram food in the world, followed by sushi.

#5. Instagram videos engage in 2 times more photos than any other social media platform.

#6. The most popular hashtags on Instagram are #Love, # Instagood, #My, #Cute and #Follow.

#7. On average, there is at least one hashtag post with 12.6% more engagement.

#8. 75% of Instagram users are female.

#9. Over 10 Million Profiles Business Profiles on Instagram.

#10. 10% is a fake spam bot that is a percentage entered on Instagram accounts.

#11. Instagram influencers charged up to $ 100,000 for sponsored posts.

#12. 75% of Instagram users come from outside the United States.

#13. 15% of drivers admit to checking Instagram while driving.

#15. Right now, 91% of Instagram posts are photos.

#16.  77.6 million Instagram users have arrived in the United States.

#17. Instagram was founded in October 2010.

#18. Instagram has shared more than 40 billion photos in history.

#19. Instagram was sold in 2020 for $ 3 billion.

#20. On Instagram currently has more than 5.2 billion likes every day.

#21. The most followed Instagram user, Selena Gomez, has more than 113 million followers.

#22. Around 100 million photos are uploaded in a day.

#23. Instagram has been installed 2 billion times in the Google Play Store alone.

#24. 45% of all internet users are on Instagram.

#25. 65% of internet users between the ages of 18 and 29 use Instagram.

#26. When Instagram launched the video, 5 million videos were uploaded in the first 24 hours.

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