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Samsung's first name comes to mind when it comes to new and interesting smartphones. With its entire Galaxy range, Samsung has become the world's largest smartphone maker. Although Samsung has revolutionized its mobile connectivity, the mobile handset was not the first product.

The #21 Best Samsung Facts (with Pictures)

  • 21 Facts About Samsung in 2020

The South Korean company was started in 2009 with just 5 employees. Gradually, Samsung finally decided to move from domestic products to the largest phone maker.

21 Amazing Samsung Facts

#1. Samsung company started in South Korea in 9 At that time, its most important task was to sell fish.

#2. Samsung was established in 1938 which is exactly 38 years prior to Apple.

#3. The word Samsung originated from the Korean language. In English, it means three stars.

#4. The company has $4.8 billion invested in reducing 85 million tonnes of greenhouse gases in 2013.

#5. Samsung started with only 5 employees but now employs 1,757,6. The same Apple has just 5 employees.

#6. A man killed his girlfriend in their home with a Samsung Tablet in 2014.

#7. Samsung has been trying for 5 different types of business since its inception.

#8. Samsung started the electronics industry in the 1960. And let's tell you that 90 percent of Samsung's products are made by Samsung's own factory.

#9. The first mobile devices were introduced in 1986 by Samsung. It was a car phone. This gadget was badly beaten.

#10. Samsung Company is one of the world's largest chip maker (memory chip or RAM) since that year. It is reported that Apple has also made Samsung the chip for iPhone 7.

#11. From that time on, Samsung has begun to climb the ladder of progress. That same year, the company's chairman, Lee Kun Hee, collected a million phones and fax machines in front of Samsung employees and destroyed them in front of his employees. This view was viewed by a 2000 Samsung employee.

#12. The Samsung company first introduced CDMA in 1996, digital TV in 1998.

#13. Samsung overtook Sony's popular brand of the electronic market in 2005 and dominated the world.

#14. Today, every third phone sold in the world belongs to Samsung.

#15. About 1 percent of the world's smartphones use Samsung's RAM.

#16. Samsung also built the world's largest building, the "Burj Khalifa".

#17. Samsung is the highest-grossing company in South Korea.

#18. 100 Samsung TVs are sold every minute worldwide.

#19. Samsung Group donates $1 million per year to its nonprofit, Samsung Medical Center.

#20. Apple's iPad Retina Display is actually made by Samsung.

#21. You may find it fun, but the truth is that Samsung used to sell vegetables, noodles, and fish as well.

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