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Sony, a name that is blindly trusted in the world of technology. Its sound system has no match with anyone. No more information about Sony is available on the Internet.

The #10 Best Sony Corporation Facts (with Pictures)

  • 10 Facts About Sony Corporation in 2020

The biggest drawback of this product was that rice was sometimes raw in it and sometimes cooked more. Sony brought its first product in late 1946, which was an electrical rice cooker.

10 Amazing Sony Corporation Facts

#1. The first company name was "TTK" (Tokyo Tsushin Kenkyujo). It changed the name to SONY after 12 years.

#2. The company is named after the Sony Latin language word "Sonus". This means sound and there is no need to tell how powerful Sony's sound system is.

#3. Sony founder "Akoi Morita" and Apple founder "Steve Jobs" had a very good friendship.

#4. In 1998, Sony launched camcorders. This device could see inside the fabric.

#5. Time of 10:35 is shown in all smartphones and Tablet of the Sony Company.

#6. Before naming Sony it was named Sonny which means young. Sony named it so that people can remember it easily.

#7. The world's first Walkman was launched by Sony company. It was sold under different names in the US, United Kingdom, and Australia. Due to its popularity, 

#8. The world's largest gaming company Nintendo (Nintendo) made a mistake by making a video game from Sony. This game failed in the market and sony left Nintendo behind by creating its own play station.

#9. As of March 2019, Sony has 2,71,700 employees all over the world.

#10. Sony has suffered a lot of condemnation for this. Sony has given its Headquarter in Tokyo a "Golden Pig". It is also considered the company's logo. 

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