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A television is a machine with a screen. The word "Television" comes from the words tele (Greek for far away) and vision (sight). Televisions receive broadcast signals and turn them into pictures and sound.

The #15 Best Television Facts (with Pictures)

  • 15 Facts About Television in 2020

The use of television during World War II was reviewed. During this time, questions started as TV publicity. Tablets and Cons washed models.

15 Amazing Television Facts

#1. Televisions viewers in the UK have to pay $230 for a “television license” every year as a tax to support the BBC.

#2. American children spend an average of 4 hours 41 minutes a day in front of a video screen of some kind.

#3. Most people dream in color, but those that grew up watching black and white television often dream in black and white.

#4. Kids ages 6 and under spend as much time in front of a TV or computer screen as they do outside.

#5. The television is on an average of 7 hours 40 minutes a day in U.S. homes.

#6. The average American child sees about 200,000 acts of violence on TV by age 18.

#7. 92% of all U.S. households own a VCR or DVD player.

#8. On average, kids ages 6 to 11 watch 19 hours, 49 minutes of TV each week.

#9. The average American youth spends 1,023 hours each year watching TV and 900 hours in school.

#10. On average, girls ages 12 to 17 watch 19 hours, 49 minutes of TV each week. Boys watch 20 hours, 14 minutes.

#11. The average household has 2.4 TV sets. 98% of all U.S. households own at least one set. 79% have more than one TV set.

#12. 56% of children ages 8 to 16 have a TV in their bedroom; 36% of kids ages 6 and under do.

#13. 40% of Americans always or often watch television while eating dinner.

#14. The full-color TV broadcast began in the United States in 1950.

#15. In 1907, the word "television" read the first assistant. And have been face to face.

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