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Ah, the antique dialogue, Apple or Android. It will appear a touch bit like David vs Goliath very doesn’t it? The heavy-hitter and international superpower. Apple, versus the widely used. Android, customizable and in some weird manner lesser.

The #21 Best Android Facts (with Pictures)

  • 21 Facts About Android in 2020

Is this the case though?

It has to be that smart if the large boys of the smartphone world area unit even victimization it, together with Google, HTC, LG, and Samsung to call some.

21 Amazing Android Facts

#1. Google failed to produce Android, they bought the corporate in 2005.

#2. Android was originally created as Associate in Nursing software system for digital cameras.

#3. It's supported the ASCII text file software system UNIX operating system.

#4. It controls half of 1 mile of the globe smartphone market.

#5. The primary Android image looked a great deal sort of a Blackberry.

#6. Microsoft makes Associate in Nursing astounding $2 billion a year from Android within the kind of patent royalties

#7. Over 1.4 billion individuals square measure currently mistreatment Android.

#8. Samsung had the chance to shop for Android in late 2004 however passed the chance as a result of they failed to see any potential in it.

#9. In 2007, once Android was upgraded, Nokia created a press release “we don’t see this as a threat”.

#10. The word Android refers solely to a male mechanism, whereas a feminine mechanism is named "Gynoid".

#11. Google has statues outside its headquarters for every version of the Android OS.

#12. Excluding Android one.0 and 1.1, all different Android versions are named once sweet treats or desserts.

#13. Android versions square measure named in Alphabetical order.

#14. The terribly initial Android phone from 2008 had no electroacoustic transducer jack Associate in Nursingd needed an adapter.

#15. In 2010, Anssi Vanjoki, corporate executive of Nokia, aforementioned that mistreatment Android is sort of a Finnish boy piss his pants to remain heat.

#16. Google Maps calculates traffic by trailing how briskly Android devices square measure moving on the road.

#17. Android work System features a technique known as wtf that stands for “What a Terrible Failure”.

#18. Android devices sell over Microsoft Windows, iOS, and raincoat OS X devices combined.

#19. In every Android version, Associate in Nursing Easter egg will be unconcealed by endlessly clicking the version variety within the “About” screen.

#20. In late 2008, several critics thought Android would fail miserably.

#21. Android’s emblem isn’t really known as Android, Google on the side calls him "Bugdroid".

If you know any Fun Facts about Android, let me know in the comments!
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