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Life without food cannot be imagined, in the same way, the present age cannot be imagined without a smartphone. Mobile phones have become an integral part of modern life. With mobile, people can easily communicate with each other. In ancient times, it was very difficult to get communications or messages from people. In the 90s, they started reaching out to ordinary people and people started using the phone anywhere.

The #21 Best Smartphone Facts (with Pictures)

  • 21 Facts About Smartphone in 2020

Mobile use was very expensive at this time. As time went by Like this, mobile phones are cheaper and more advanced. Today's smartphone is no less than a computer. People use mobile more to get information. With today's mobile, you can do more than just talk.

21 Amazing SmartPhone Facts

#1. 10% of the world's population has mobile addiction.

#2. China has treatment camps for mobile addicts.

#3. According to a survey, 7% of mobile users use mobile while having s*x.

#4. Phubbing is a new word meaning ‘ignoring your friends in favor of your mobile phone'.

#5. Google owns 96% of mobile search traffic.

#6. In the UK, drivers who cause death while using their mobile phones, speeding or drunk, face life in prison.

#7. More Africans have access to cell phone service than piped water and electricity.

#8. 9% of Americans have used their phones during sex and 12% in the shower.

#9. 61% of Americans say they text while driving.

#10. More people have died by taking selfies in 2020 than by shark attacks.

#11. It's legal to divorce your partner via text message in Malaysia.

#12. 47% of millennials said in a survey they sometimes use their Smartphones to avoid people around them.

#13. 99% of all mobile malware is targeted at Android users.

#14. 15% of American adults do not use the Internet.

#15. 4 billion unique mobile internet users in the world in 2020.

#16. The number of active Apple iPhone users around the world 1.5 billion.

#17. 65% of smartphone users download zero apps per month.

#18. The average person unlocks his or her smartphone 110 times each day.

#19. Apple was the first to make a digital color camera.

#20. 90% of the world's Internet Users Don't Use Twitter.

#21. 18 times more bacteria than a toilet on your Mobile phones.

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