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The two friends left the job thinking they should do some work, but when it didn't, the two joined the job again. But the two did not give up hope of doing something different. After that, he did some experiments and his work started to become popular.

The #21 Best WhatsApp Facts (with Pictures)

  • 21 Facts About WhatsApp in 2020

It was worth a few million dollars on the market, and popular brands like Facebook had to send an offer to buy it. Here's the WhatsApp, which is developed by two friends, Jan Koum and Brian Acton.

21 Amazing WhatsApp Facts

#1. WhatsApp is responsible for 27% of a selfie taken on the Internet.

#2. The WhatsApp's founders "Jan Koum" and "Brian Acton" both were rejected by Facebook and Twitter.

#3. WhatsApp's co-founder Jain Kom was born in Kyiv, a small village in Ukraine. His family was therefore poor that there was no electricity in his house.

#4. WhatsApp has not spent a single penny on advertisements to date. Despite this, the Watts app is such successful.

#5. WhatsApp users sent 70 billion messages per day.

#6. WhatsApp users shared 10 billion photos every day.

#7. WhatsApp users shared 7 billion videos per day.

#8. 65% of WhatsApp users are Female and 35% are male.

#9. WhatsApp most popular in India for fake news.

#10. Whatsapp application is really fast because it uses your smartphone as a server. WhatsApp not store any data.

#11. WhatsApp is banned in 12 countries.

#12. WhatsApp has 55 employees and 50 engineers. very small team, very big impact. 

#13. More than 2 billion minutes of voice and video calls are made on WhatsApp daily.

#14. No company has grown in WhatsApp history as fast.

#15. Most users of WhatsApp are in India.

#16. 1.7 billion monthly active WhatsApp users and 455 million daily active users.

#17. 200 million WhatsApp active users from India.

#18. WhatsApp earns more than a year of NASA budgets.

#19. The WhatsApp co-founder and CEO are "Chris Daniels".

#20. WhatsApp works on "no ads" policy, you would never have seen advertisements of any other company on WhatsApp.

#21. Brian And Jan both have left WhatsApp now. Brian Acton quit the WhatsApp in 2017 while Jan Both resigned in 2018.

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